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Navy Strength Australian Gin / 57% ABV / 700ml

This navy strength gin is a high proof bottling of “The Scoundrel” with an extra ration of Juniper and citrus. A well-balanced classic gin.

The extra strength means this is the ideal base for gin cocktails where only smooth and strong gin will ensure your ambitions are not scuttled.


About the Brand

Produced in Ballarat, the Larrikin Gin range is a collaborative effort from an Aussie brewer and a Scottish distiller who formed the Kilderkin Distillery, the first distillery in the Ballarat region since the 1930’s. Larrikin Gin is distilled with 2 Knapp Lewer Copper Pot Stills in small batches and predominantly focuses on highlighting quintessential Australian botanicals with their cutting edge, award winning gins.